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Mitza Creek Farm

Vegetable Porch Pot

Vegetable Porch Pot

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I often hear people say they wish they could grow vegetables, but for some reason or another, they can't.  Well, I'm accepting that challenge and I am trying to make growing your own food easier for you!  New this year, we are offering porch/patio pots for vegetables!

Appropriately sized, including a trellising cage, I hand picked varieties that grow well in pots, allowing you to grow tomatoes, peppers and/or peas (for lettuce and herbs bowls, click here) Each pot contains one plant, with the exception of the peas, which have 6.

Plant Descriptions:
Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato
Peron Tomato
Habanada Heatless SWEET Pepper
Jigsaw HOT Pepper
Lillian's Caseload Peas

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