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Mitza Creek Farm

Pastured Eggs (1 dozen)

Pastured Eggs (1 dozen)

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Please allow at least 24 hours for pickup.  Freshly laid and gathered eggs from our happy, heritage breeds of chickens.  Like our meat birds, our egg layers are free range and are fed locally grown feed.  All eggs are gathered, washed and refrigerated within hours of being laid.  Each carton holds a beautiful assortment of egg colors: Browns, Blues & Greens

We are registered with WI DTCAP as a Nest-Run Egg Producer & Seller, which means all of our eggs are required to be washed & refrigerated at/below 41ºf after collecting. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you send us a message on social media or, egg prices will be $3.50/dozen if paying by cash.  

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