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Lamb Celebration Box

Lamb Celebration Box

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NEW! Schedule pickup date for 2/1 or after. 

This box is what you want to have for the special celebrations on your calendar?

This box includes:

+ 1 Package of Leg of Lamb 

+ 1 Package of Rack of Lamb 

+ 2 Package of Rib Chops (4 chops total)

About Navajo Churro sheep:

• Considered by many chefs as the most desirable and gourmet breed for lamb.

• Unusually low lanolin levels mean an excellent, “sweet” taste, resulting in a meat flavor that is incomparably superior to commercial lamb.

• Navajo Churro put most of their fat around their organs, so the meat is surprisingly low-fat, but more tender, compared to other commercial breeds.

•Slower maturing than commercial lambs, full-size carcasses are around 35 lbs. Our cuts will also be proportionally smaller.

Please allow at least 24 hours for pickup. If pop-up to schedule pickup date does not appear, please include requested pickup date and time in the "Order Special Instructions" at checkout. We work full time for non-farm businesses and have 3 children, therefore are usually not available for immediate pickups. 

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY! Even though we are licensed to do so, we cannot ship perishables, as we do not have a source for dry ice.


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