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Mitza Creek Farm

2024 Chicken Pre-Buy (CSA-Type)

2024 Chicken Pre-Buy (CSA-Type)

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We're trying something new this year! We had so many people disappointed when we sold out of chicken in 2023, so we are offering a way for you to buy your chicken in bulk. By pre-ordering your chicken, it is of benefit to both you and us (your local farmer).   Your benefit is that you are guaranteed your chicken at the lowest price possible, roughly 20% lower than what we will be selling it for on our website and in our store.  The benefit for us is that we can pre-buy our feed for the entire season, resulting in lower feed prices, as well as improve and expand our growing system so we can be more efficient in raising pastured, free range poultry. 

All pre-buy orders must be placed by 2/29/24.  Pickup will be the last week of June, 2024. If you would like to schedule your pickup now, schedule a time in the evening on 6/25, or any day/time afterwards.

In the event mother nature causes some issues, we will have another batch of chickens being processed later in the summer.  What makes this different from a "normal" CSA is that we are guaranteeing your purchase.  If something happens that we can't fulfil your order, we will refund you. 

Choose from one of the options below (add to your cart how many you would like)

• Whole chicken

• Whole chicken, all the pieces- whole bird, shrink wrapped, with the individual pack of giblets placed back in the bird.  Giblet pack includes: neck, liver, heart and feet.

• Half chicken: 2 halves of a chicken, each are individually vacuum sealed.  Great for smaller families/couples who want whole chickens, but in smaller sizes. 

• 2 chickens, favorite pieces- Just like we sell, only in bulk.  Each quantity you add to your cart will contain everyone's favorite pieces and vacuum sealed by cut.  You will receive the following per "item":
     •2 packs of 2 boneless/skinless Chicken breasts
•1 pack of 4 chicken drumsticks
     •1 pack of 4 chicken thighs

• 4 chickens, all the pieces-
       •4 packs of 2 boneless/skinless Chicken breasts
     •2 packs of 4 chicken drumsticks
     •2 packs of 4 chicken thighs
     •1 pack of 8 chicken wings
     •1 pack of 4 chicken backs for soup/broth making
     •1 pack of feet
     •1 pack of necks
     •1 pack of hearts
     •1 pack of liver


Facts about our poultry:
Did you know that it costs roughly $11/chicken just to feed ? We pride ourselves in feeding locally grown and milled feed to our chickens, and you can definitely taste the difference!

Our chickens are grown on pasture, and moved daily to fresh, clean grass. During times of drought, when grass growth is slow, we move them multiple times a day.

All poultry is processed by an AMAZING small processor about an hour and a half away from us.  It is all USDA inspected, and is the best processing facility I've seen.  We happily will drive the extra distance for the quality and cleanliness.  

All of our chicks are purchased through a small, Wisconsin based hatchery, supporting another small business!

In total, you are supporting 5 small, local, family run businesses by purchasing your chicken through us!

Have any questions? Send us a message on social media or email us at:

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