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Mitza Creek Farm

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato Plant

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato Plant

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Pre-ordering is now closed.  Please come visit us at our in-person sales, listed below.

Super sweet when fully ripe, plus they're absolutely stunning! This is a tomato we will always grow.  They are slow to start, but are a strong & consistent producer once they start to ripen. The more sunshine they get, the more purple they will be. It's common for one side to be nearly all purple, and the other side to be olive/red/purple striped. Needs to be trellised or staked. Will come in a 4" pot.

(to watch a video on how to tell if these are ripe, click here)

Source: Baker Creek/ & Wild Boar Farms Indeterminate. These elongated multi-colored large cherries grow in clusters. Lavender and purple striped when immature, turning to green, red / brown with anthocycnin blue stripes when fully ripe. The interior is green with a blushed red when extra ripe. This amazing variety is delicately sweet.The fruit holds well on the vine and post harvest. The wispy foliage but produces a lot of fruit.

Secure your plants and schedule pickup between:
April 28-June 1st
(online orders will be picked and held for you,
and you will have the highest quality of plants)

Alternatively, you can visit our farm's Annual Plant Sale in person,
with availability on a first-come, first-served basis on:
9am -2pm  Fri & Sat
May 3 & 4 and May 10 & 11

or at the Maker’s Market on May 25th and June 1st.

Per Baker Creek: These are a hybrid that has been open pollinated and stabilized making it considered a "new heirloom" since some organizations consider a plant 50-100 years or more to be true heirlooms. 

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