Dexter Cattle

Email Katie: with any questions
Registered Cows: $1,000
Cow/Calf pairs: $1500
Heifers: $750

Deposit required to hold. Vet checks available through Leading Edge Veterinary Services at buyer’s expense.  Cows can be put in with the registered bull once deposit is placed.

Cows are registered Dexters, heifers are not registered, but both parents are. 100% Grass fed/finished.

Single dunn colored cow, on the right, winter coat shed out.  Her calf passed away this spring, but is nursing everyone's calves, so is still in milk.  Can be exposed to registered bull. Not scared of people, but not in your pocket.  Will come when called, accepts treats and a few scratches, but that's about it.  Could become more friendly if given more time (and treats!), and doesn't mind being milked out after calving.
(Dunn cow on left also up for discussion, with a bull calf.)

Red yearling heifer.  Friendly, but now that she's on pasture, is more detached.  Could make a great family milk cow, will be on the shorter side.  Her parents are both registered; her mom is on the shorter side, has a great udder and we milk her out the first few weeks after calving.