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Mitza Creek Farm

TOMATO Spoon Tomato Plant

TOMATO Spoon Tomato Plant

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New to us this year. This tomato plant has quite the following!  It is a hardy, quick growing plant (sometimes called wild), which produces thousands of tiny pea sized tomatoes with delicious flavor.  It is a hit among kids, and if you are up for keeping it pruned, great for containers and patio gardens.  3" Pot

Source: Baker Creek/ Micro mini fruit, just the size of a tiny pea, and said to be the world’s tiniest tomato! A delightful edible ornamental, the tiny, fire engine-red fruit is arranged beautifully along super long trusses. What Spoon lacks in size, it makes up in flavor. This variety packs tons of bold classic red, tangy tomato flavor, which is another reason why it is a kid favorite! Spoon tomatoes pop in your mouth when you bite into them; they are a joy to eat and grow.


Per Baker Creek: These are a hybrid that has been open pollinated and stabilized making it considered a "new heirloom" since some organizations consider a plant 50-100 years or more to be true heirlooms. 

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