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Lamb Shoulder Roast

Lamb Shoulder Roast

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Lamb roast is one of our family favorites! Coming from the front shoulder, it can be a little tougher, so cook it low and slow in order to make it tender. It is different from the "leg of lamb" (which comes from the rear leg, and is leaner and more tender.) The shoulder has a higher fat content, is richer in flavor and is less expensive than the lamb leg. Because of the higher fat content, it is also more forgiving and stays juicier.

About Navajo Churro:

• Considered by many chefs as the most desirable and gourmet breed for lamb.

• Unusually low lanolin levels mean an excellent, “sweet” taste, resulting in a meat flavor that is incomparably superior to commercial lamb.

• Navajo Churro put most of their fat around their organs, so the meat is surprisingly low-fat, but more tender, compared to other commercial breeds.

•Slower maturing than commercial lambs, full-size carcasses are around 35 lbs. Our cuts will also be proportionally smaller.

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