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Mitza Creek Farm

Chicken Soup Pack (Chicken Back)

Chicken Soup Pack (Chicken Back)

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Perfect for broth or soup! Toss in a pot with vegetables and and herbs. Simmer on low all day...or even easier, in a crock-pot on low for 6-8 hours.  2 chicken backs/package.

Our chickens are raised on pasture (and in our yard) with movable chicken tractors (coops) and fencing. This allows the chickens the safety of a coop plus the benefits of free ranging. Each coop is moved twice a day, to ensure the chickens always have fresh ground, with automatic feeders and waterers so they always have what they need.

We proudly use locally grown feed!  We use a small feed mill about 40 miles away from us who grows and processes their own grains and feed.   We literally get our chicken feed direct from the farmer.

Please allow eat least 24 hours for pickup. Include requested pickup date and time in the comments at checkout.  
Perfect for making soup or broth, each package contains the back, with plenty of meat for your meal.  Average weight is 1.28lbs/package.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY! Even though we are licensed to do so, we cannot ship perishables, as we do not have a source for dry ice.

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